Who I've Worked With

Setting Fires In Salem (Cleveland, Ohio)
Under a Dead Sky (Akron, OH)
Give the Signal (Akron, OH)
The Modulated Tones (Newcastle, PA)
GWE (Detroit, MI)
Maurice Turk (Akron, OH)
Corey Adams (Akron, OH)
P-80 (Akron, OH)
Torchlight Parades (Akron, OH)
Kelly Rogers (Akron, OH)
Ghost Town Malitia (Akron, OH)
Clyde Helmsley (Akron, OH)
Take the Night (Akron, OH)
Jakob Ward (Akron, OH)
Fainter Corvus (Akron, OH)
Shadows Claim (Kenmore, OH)
(Iam) James Wade (Dayton, OH)
Get Money or Get Out (Akron, OH)
Yung Gas (Akron, OH)
Asleep In The Chapel (Akron,OH)
Carl Fernstrum (Akron, OH)
Mike Trem (Akron, Ohio)
Setting Fires In Salem (Akron, OH)
Megyn Price (LA, CA)
The Norka Boyz (Akron, OH)
The Ranks (Akron, Ohio)
Ichabod Crane (Akron, Ohio)
Pardoned (Wooster, Ohio)
Blue Fin (Akron, Ohio)

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